the beginning...

A little bit about us been around since 1981. EK's stands for Erine's Kids

If you have been in Kelowna for a while you might remember a well-known pub owner Ernie Thatcher and his wife Chris.  There daughters Carmen Justus and Tiffany Thatcher, have opened EK's Grill. When you enter you will see our 17000 liter salt water aquarium that is litterally installed top to bottom in the restaurant, It is the largest privately owned salt water tank in BC, and with beautiful tropical fish you get a glimpse of waters from all over the world. Call 2508622236 and or reserve a table on dive nights when the Chef and other owner Bill gets in it to keep in clean.

 Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Chef Bill has put together a large fresh no GMO, all natural menu with locally sourced ingredients. 95% of our product is made in house with out fillers or preservatives. We make our own jams, burgers, and dressings plus plethera of other items to ensure the quality and freshness is at its best.  


We can accommodate a number of allergies, we have a fryer that has NEVER seen Gluten.  We make our 99% of our plant based menu, and yes its a menu not just 2 items, Over 80% of our items can be made Gluten Free or Lactose free.  Because we cook we can accommodate just about any allergy.  


Monday - day of rest

Tuesday-Saturday: 7am-8pm
Sunday: 8am-2am
Holidays: Give us a ring 


Call us AT:


We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.