Late Night 8p-1a Delivery


a Family Joint

From the deep
Wingscauliflower or chicken (teriyaki, Buffalo, Honey Garlic or salt & pepper) 16.5
fries 4 - poutine 10 - vegan poutine 11.50 - orings 7.50 - gravy 2
poppers 9 - dill pickles 9
Nacho’s regular (red and green peppers and cheese) salsa and sour cream 14
Nacho’s Loaded (beef, onion, jalapenos, Red and green peppers and cheese) salsa and sour cream 20
Chicken Fingers (served with a side of our Fries) 12
Buffalo Chicken Fingers (served with a side of Fries) 12
More then Munchies​ 
Burger Bobs – all come with lettuce, tomato and mayo
Single 6.00 Double 10.00 Triple 14.00 Vegan 8.00
With Cheddar or Vegan Cheese – single 7, double 12, Triple 17 Add Bacon- single 9, double 16, triple 23
Breakfast 2eggs, hashbrowns and bacon 14

It’s a Wrap

all only 12
THAI-ONE On Wrap - rice, cucumber, pad thai sauce, spinach, pickled dicon and carrot, chicken, or tofu
Heart Attack Jack Wrap (fries, hamburger, cheese, gravy, tomatoes)
Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap romaine, chicken fingers and killer Caesar dressing
Cali Club Wrap  (Chicken  or tofu) , lettuce, mayo, tomato and avocado
Zorba the Greek Tzatziki rice, peppers, chicken, onions, olives
Hota then Hell Wrap habanero and ghost sauce, roasted red pepper jelly, chicken, black beans, corn, peppers rice, cheese
Sante Fe Chicken Wrap (grilled chicken, corn, Sante Fe dressing, jack and cheddar, lettuce & tomato)
BBQ Swiss Chicken Wrap (BBQ chicken, onions, mushrooms, peppers, swiss & lettuce)
Breakfast Wrap (3 scrambled eggs, salsa, peppers and cheese)


(Rocky was from Philly) all philly's start with Steak and Cheese 
Plain Philly (steak and cheese) 12.50

Mickies Philly (peppers & onions)13.50
Greek Philly (peppers & onions & tzatziki) 14
Works Philly (Mushrooms, onions & peppers) 14
South West BBQ (works philly w/ Sante Fe & BBQ) 14
Pizza Philly (works philly with pepperoni marinara & mozzarella cheese) 16.50
Chicken Philly (NO STEAK, peppers & onions and cheese) 14
Garbage Philly (works Philly with tomato, banana peppers, & pickles) 17
Fire Philly (Works Philly plus hot Ghost creama, & house habanero cheese sauce) 17
Sweet Eats
Death By Chocolate Cake 8
Donut Holes drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce enough to share  9
Wash it down
Pepsi, ginger ale, grape, root beer cans 3  Kombucha 7.50 Ok grape, Mint Mohito