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The BBQ Season is starting soon:

We recognize that it can be a bunch of work to get everything you need to please the entire family.

Visiting need to have grilling ready meal for your airbnb?

This year we will help with your BBQ's, Phone Ek's 250 862-2236 and get everything you need, just pick it up or have it delivered thru skip the dishes.

The choices are as follows: Main Dish

  1. Our House 7.5- 8oz Hamburger: $6.25 ea includes bun No Filler (chuck, brisket, striploin)
  2. Our House 4.5-5oz Vegan Burger $6.25 ea includes bun
  3. Our 8oz  AAA Sirloin steak $10.20 ea
  4. Sockeye salmon $11.25 6oz
  5. ‚ÄčLemon pepper & garlic Prawns skewers 4.75 ea (6 prawns per) 

The choices are as follows: Main side dishes

  1. Potato salad 1.15/gr
  2. Potato, onion, peppers grill pack - min 400gr 1.75/100gr
  3. Greek Style Potato grill pack -  min 400gr 1.75/100gr
  4. Ratatouille Veggie grill pack  min 400gr 1.75/100gr Vegan
  5. Grilling Veggie skewers (may include Brussel sprouts, onion, peppers, & carrot) $3.75/ skewer Vegan
  6. Baked Potatoes (bacon, cheese, sour cream) included 3.25 ea 
  7. Garden Salad (tomato, cuccumbers, dried cranberries and 2 oz dressing/portion) portion 4-4.5oz $3.15
  8. Caesar salad $3.50/portion.


  1. Ek's Signature Cherry Jack BBQ or Teriyaki glaze 250ml $7.95
  2. Cheddar Cheese .75/portion 2 slices per portion
  3. EK's Gun Powder seasoning 200gr $5.25
  4. You should always have a KICKED up DONUT  or GF Brownie 8.50ea